Hey there,

I am Tyler "Fafa" Malone, and I am the fitness coach and co-creator of Fafafit. We started this business to inspire and motivate older adults, who like me, have spent the majority of their lives not quite knowing how to change, but knowing they need to. I am here to show you how and give you the tools to create the life you desire.

Tyler malone transformation

My journey began at the start of my 30s when I had fallen in love with the gym, with exercise and the feeling of strength in my muscles. I had lost 80 pounds thru diet and exercise and wanted to keep that mindset. I began looking into becoming a personal trainer and then life happened. I got a divorce, moved to a different state, endured the loss of both my parents, became a mother myself with two daughter and by the time a decade passed, I had grew to 300 pounds. I had become a yo-yo dieter, an emotional eater, and along with a lifetime of hypothyroidism and diagnosed with severe insulin resistance, I had stopped living. For a decade I hid behind clothes, avoided mirrors and refused to have my picture taken. Fortunately when I was facing my 40th birthday I had found a doctor who inadvertently saved my life. We discovered my insulin resistance, corrected my thyroid medications, and I began my journey of wellness. It was also at this time I decided to get back to my dream and start the certification process of becoming a certified personal trainer. I have lost over 130 pounds, completed 5 certificates, and began working with older adults at a gym inspiring them to begin their own journeys. I found the passion I had been looking for and now I want to share it with you. I have been down many roads and faced many hardships. I understand the battles we face with food, with ourselves and the feeling of intimidation without the proper guidance. If I can prevent one person from feeling the way I did, than I have succeeded. Let me help you transform your life.