Body Weight & TRX


All trainers I know have their favorite exercises, their “Go-To’s” when training clients. For me, I tend to gravitate more towards body weight exercises. What is a body weight exercise? It is when we use our own body weight to provide resistance against gravity. Some great examples of this are the push-up and sit-up. Body exercises consist of pushing, pulling, twisting, bending, and squatting movements. They promote excellent bio motor skills such as: strength, power, endurance, speed flexibility coordination and balance.  An excellent example of body weight exercise is yoga. If you ever tried a “downward dog”, then you know how your body weight is enough to get you breathing hard.


One of my favorites in the gym and at home is TRX (Short for Total Resistance eXercise) Developed in 1997 by a navy seal on duty, the entire system is a set of bands that can be anchored practically anywhere.  TRX is made for all levels of fitness, it generates effective results with form correcting, strength building without extreme stress on joints. Its is adaptable with 3 types of resistance: 1. Vector Resistance – Angle of your body 2. Stability Resistance -Position of your feet 3. Pendulum Resistance – Adjusting the angle of TRX. All of these create compound movements which boost metabolism rates and improve body coordination. 30 minutes of TRX burns more than 30 minutes of steady state cardio. So, if you are looking for a workout tool that can help you prevent injuries, a tool that can improve functional capabilities and a tool that can help you develop stronger core then TRX can be considered a better alternative to free-weights. Another excellent reason I love it so much, is it’s affordable for anyone. If you are looking for more information or how to purchase click here.


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